Heavy Repair, fabrication and Engineering

When you think BIG think IMS! Heavy fabrication and repair is the core of our business, specialising in the offsite repairs of mining attachments and equipment including, Dragline, Electric shovel and excavator buckets, sticks / booms as well as the largest of mining truck trays. IMS have been the choice of many Principle Mining companies and OEM providers for the safe handling of their manufacture and offsite rebuilds with quality and trust built in to our jobs and not around them.

Medium repair, fabrication and Engineering

IMS have the ability and understanding to be able to manage your engineering need across a wide range of equipment and repairable items. With the support of our extensive experience IMS in house drafting and partners in Structural and Mechanical Engineering are able to assist with opencut and underground Fixed and Mobile plant engineering fabrication and repairs.

Pressing and rolling of cold steels

With the ability to Press and roll cold steels in our facility IMS are able to maintain stringent Australian standards and tolerances under our quality controls, reduce and control lead times. With 2 x plate rolls and 2 x 500tonne hydraulic presses including a CNC press IMS are able to manage a wide range of processing including the processing of Dragline and excavator structural parts and wear packages as well as components for Truck trays and many other complex and shaped plate steel items. For the smaller projects IMS utilise 70 tonne press and pipe bending capabilities for completing these in house and on time.

Sub Harmonic Stress relief

IMS offer harmonic stress relieving as a part of process to enhance the stability and integrity of all components rebuilt or manufactured at our facility. By including this critical process within our repair and manufacturing procedures, increases service life cycles and reduces maintenance costs. Our process is up to eight times faster than thermal stress relief and typically saves 65-85% of time and cost over traditional heat stress relieving processes.

Plasma Transfer Arc Welding (PTAW) hard facing overlay

By including IMS PTAW as an overlay will extend the life cycles of your equipment reducing downtime and cost while protecting against abrasion and corrosion.Utilising IMS PTAW your site and equipment will benefit through;

  • Reduction in exposure to risks of personnel due to extended component life cycles
  • Extending life cycles of high wear exposed components and GET
  • Reduce unplanned maintenance and down time due to component wear
  • Reduced / Little heat affected zone – no distortion
    IMS PTWA can be use to maximise and increase life cycles in products and components such as;
  • Chutes, liners
  • Wear plates in dump truck bodies
  • Wear plates in excavator and dragline buckets
  • Wear strips 6 on 10, 3 on 10 etc.
  • Shrouds – lips, heel, wing
  • CHPP wear liner packages
  • Pump housings
  • Valves
  • Crushing equipment